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Chapter Zero

Today I’ve read a few “first posts” from blogs I follow regularly, in an attempt to find my own words to publicly start this journal. Interesting reads, but it still took me a while.

So, why am I writing an online journal?

A couple of different reasons. First of all, keeping a journal will help me improve my poor writing skills and will allow me to keep practicing my english. Another important reason is that I believe that writing regularly leads to an organized mind and clear thinking. Also, being a teenager and an early-adopter in the beginnings of the Internet, I’ve always been around using different aliases (and most of times childish and totally unreliable ones) – I used to say my online identity had an identity crisis itself. Now this world is my earn a living and I intend to build a more consistent digital identity.
And of course, someday I will want to look back, read this all over again and be able to connect the dots.

And, what will I write about?

Expect to read about my projects, experiences and passions, and things that inspire me at large. I will make public commitments, and fail to keep them. Occasionally, I might pitch some ideas, ask for advises or just show some bits of love.

I guess I should have started this a long time ago. It feels good, and it only took me an four hours to write these three paragraphs..