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Gut check: more days like today’s

  • Started the day really early, with fellow teammates from Project X. Feedback was great, project is running pretty good.
  • Headed over to Douro’s South Bank, had barbecue with old teammates by the river. Fresh fish, beers and friends.
  • Discussed ideas about a new exciting Project. I have a great feeling about this one.
  • Had a very insightful meeting with Pascal Finette, Director at Mozilla. Discussed a few ideas about startups, growing markets and customer development. Turns out we have several friends in common. :)
  • Enrolled myself at music school. Will start having saxophone lessons soon.
  • Spent the late afternoon drinking and reading a book at the balcony.
  • Rode the bike back home, by the sea.

Today was a good day, indeed. And it’s not over yet..