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My take on Model Thinking

I’ve joined this Coursera project as soon as I heard about it, in the end of last year. It’s a great project with a greater mission.

We are committed to making the best education in the world freely available to any person who seeks it.

I’ll leave my thoughts on the future of education for another post, but I do believe this is the way to go.
The courses started last month (you still have time to enroll yourself), and I decided to enroll in two courses: Software Engeneering for SaaS and  Model Thinking. While the first is something that I’m comfortable with and I just joined to check out the contents and keep me up to date, the second one sparked up my curiosity because of its name, its table of contents and above all by the reasons why a person would want to take a modeling course, that the professor states on the first lecture:
  1. To be an intelligent citizen of the world
  2. To be a clearer thinker
  3. To understand and use data
  4. To better decide, strategize, and design

Who wouldn’t want that?

After a few lectures I’m really thrilled about this course. I’m learning a lot from Statistics to Social Sciences. Sorting and Peer Effects, Binomial Distribution, Six Sigma, The Game of Life, Aggregation, and Decision Models. So far, every topic is amasing me, and most of them I’ve never heard about.

I’m quite sure I will prove that those four premises above are truth, by the end of the course.

UPDATE: the Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Class is open now! This is a group oriented class, if you’re interested in joining me in a group, leave a comment here or email me!.