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Turning 25

Today I turn 25.
Usually I don’t really give importance to celebrating my birthday, and this year is no different. But somehow this nice round number has some meaning to me. A quarter of a century. Biggie died at the age of 24 and Tupac died with 25. This number definitely makes me think of what I have accomplished in my life so far, and review my priorities and my goals.

With that in mind and inspired by Buster Benson‘s Birthday Mottos, I decided to give a theme to my age from now on. Forget about new years resolutions, that’s overrated . Who accomplishes them anyway?! I know I don’t.

So, the theme for my 25 years old will be Beating the Little Hater. I going to the core!

Let me explain that. Throughout 2012 I have made a few commitments concerning my reading habitsrunning experiments and others, and althoug I have put real effort in that, sometimes I feel I haven’t accomplished what I wanted. I haven’t succeeded. I came to now the reason for that is the Little Hater (I love this designation by Jay Smooth, Seth Godin calls it the lizard brain, Steven Pressfield calls it the resistance and others probably have some other names for it).

My little hater is the responsible for:

  • be late / wait for tomorrow
  • procastinate / not be productive
  • not take real challenges / not take actions / make excuses
  • be boring
  • … and so on

Basically, my little hater is the responsible for me not being a better me.

Now that I recognize it and have a name for it, it’s easier to tackle the problem. Or at least, it’s a start. That’s why this year I’m on a quest to meet the dark side of my little hater and beat him.

In the end, I hope to know better my capabilities, create new habits, correct behaviors, be able to put myself on the line and become indispensable. In work and in life.

Happy talk like a pirate day!

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