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My first rubygem: go2dir

I bought a new notebook recently. While I was moving around my .dotfiles and setting up everything to my taste, I noticed a bunch of bash alias that I’ve been adding over the years to my .bashrc. They all looked like this:

alias sw="cd /path/to/somewhere/"

My geek side thought that was horrible and it shouldn’t be done like that, so I decided to make something a bit more useful. In addition to that, I always wanted to publish some open-source code and contribute to the community, and this could be useful for other people too.

I fired up my brand new Macbook Air and learned how to write and specify a rubygem. Quick and dirty. The result is out there for everyone. It has 80 downloads already, yeah! Go ahead, try it yourself and let me know if it is any helpful.

I didn’t take much time looking for other solutions, but I assumed someone had been there before me. Now I know about z that works great, too, and I’m pretty sure there are more.

Write code, publish it and share it.
Be helpful to others, the feeling is great..